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Step 2 Metallisation: Corrosion protection

Thermal spraying is widely used to provide corrosion protection to ferrous metals or to change the surface properties of the sprayed items, such as improve the wear resistance or thermal conductivity.

Metallisation professionals in Mallorca.

Discover the Versatility of Metallisation for Various Industries

Metallisation is a highly effective process that provides durable protection and enhanced aesthetics to a wide range of industries and items. From automotive parts to architectural structures, this innovative technique offers numerous benefits.

Metallisation for the Yacht industry
We can metallise anything you have that is metallic
Metallisation experts

Steel sealed.

Best protection

Metallisation enhances the durability and corrosion resistance of Steel parts, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Architectural Structures

Metallisation adds a long lasting protection for architectural structures while protecting them from environmental aggression.

Guarantee 10 years on treated parts

we are the only company in Mallorca offering a 10 year guarantee on all treated parts for the complete treatment.

Yacht anchor Metabolised

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The first application is very important, and should be perfect on the first time, many companies will have to repeat the coating 2 or 3 times costing you money and time, we make sure it’s perfect